About Raphael

Hello, I’m Raphael. At the end of 2015, I boarded a plane to Bangkok; since then I’ve been travelling the world. I’ve visited Thailand, Indonesia, Nepal, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and Vietnam, so far.

When I first embarked on my travels as a digital nomad, I still worked as a front-end developer for my clients in Germany as a freelancer. My biggest client was Thomas Cook Germany where I worked as the lead css developer on the core team, responsible for building the new booking portal that powers thomascook.de, neckermann-reisen.de, urlaub.de and a few other sites.

About ten years ago, I picked up and started playing around with my first camera, and I also started learning video editing and filming. In January 2017, I ended my freelance contracts and went full-time as a photographer and videographer. My creative vision is about showing a non-sensationalised, natural and genuine view of the people and places we read about, by interacting with people local to the area and shooting their everyday rituals, customs and relationships. For me, travel photography is in capturing unexceptional moments in life, life “as is” – shooting from the perspective of the observer and giving others an insight into how different cultures live, authentically. You can view some of my work on my portfolio.

My Social Profiles

YouTube: youtube.com/raphaelfyi
Instagram: instagram.com/raphael.fyi
Twitter: twitter.com/raphaelfyi
Facebook: facebook.com/raphael.fyi


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