Camera gear stolen in Tenerife (Panasonic GX8, Nikon D7200)

On March 21st 2018 my and my friends’ camera bags got stolen out of our rental car at the Las Lajas campsite, Tenerife, Spain, around 5pm. While I don’t think I’ll get any of it back, it could still be a good idea to publish the serial numbers if somebody is searching for it online.

My gear was in a black/grey Peak Design everyday backpack.

Panasonic Lumix GX8 (black) – DMC-GX8KEG-K – Serialnumber WE5SA001089
Panasonic Lens 12-35mm – H-HS12035E – Serialnumber XT5KV001236
Panasonic Lens 35-100mm – H-HS35100E – Serialnumber JE5FF001184

Also in the bag was a black Arcteryx jacket, SD cards, spare batteries, Apple AirPods, Amazon Kindle, Anker battery pack, some outdoor gear, my business cards, my passport and my backup credit card.

My friends’ camera was in a second bag:

Nikon D7200 Serial number 4393517
Sigma 10-20mm
Sigma 18-300mm
Apple iPad mini silver Serial number DLXNW9CHFCH6

plus SD cars, a remote, Salomon ski jacket, flashlight, hat, headphones and a bottle of white wine.

Please get in touch if you find any of our gear: