Instagram Swipe Panorama

Crop your instagram panoramas right on your iPhone

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The latest trend on instagram are image sets with swipeable panorama images in landscape format mixed with portrait orientation images like this one or panoramas like this one.
I couldn't find a good iOS app to crop the images on my phone, so I used Photoshop on my computer, which is quite annoying. When I realised that I could use the awesome shortcuts app to make my own shortcut, I did exactly that. So go to your iPhone or iPad, download here and then download my Instagram Swipe panorama Shortcut!
Now you can crop the images you want to post on Instagram right on your iOS device. Head to the shortcuts app, tap the shortcut, choose your image, choose how many slices you want to post, open Instagram and choose the newly saved images from your photo library.
If you are using my shortcut, send me a message on Insta and let me know what you think or get in touch if you have any problems.